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Do you love everything Angels and want to enhance your communication as you learn to do it on your own? 

InnerStrength University is offering an Angel Reading Subscription Plans. Each plan offers a discounted price off of the normal session price as a special thank you. You can save money while receiving and enhancing the Angel Guidance already within you.  

Angel Readings can be used as a direct session to become aware of what information your Angels want you to know through Denise'sAngel communication skills. You can also use your session for private 1 on 1 Angel Communication instruction session with Denise to help you enhance your own intuitive and psychic abilities.  

Angel Readings are a great way to add to the online Angel Course from InnerStrength University. 

Angel Whispers: Learn to Communicate with Your Angels

Angel Reading Themes

You can also pick one of the many Angel Reading Themes to enhance the focus of the reading or you can create your own:

  • Life Purpose  
  • Relationship Guidance  
  • 6 months or 12 months Preview
  • Chakra Exploring  


  • Law of Attraction  
  • Business Guidance  
  • 6 months or 12 months Preview  
  • Unveiling the Hidden

  • Career Guidance  
  • Creative or Motivational  
  • Personal Empowerent
  • Detox Readin

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I've studied with Denise on and off for about a year and a half now and I'm continually impressed by her scope of knowledge and her passion for sharing and teaching life changing information. I've had the luxury of taking her group classes as well as having a one on one session with her and in both cases I was able to manifest specific things into my life within a short amount of time by working with Denise. She gives you both the skills and the confidence to go after your dreams. Thank you Denise!

Elise Michelle

I have known Denise for a long time and in different venues. She has encouraged and guided me through a very difficult transition in my life and helped me learn to trust myself and what I offer as an individual and not necessarily as someone’s friend, sister, mother, wife, daughter, etc. Open your heart, get rid of the stories you tell yourself, and things will be clear. Thanks Denise.

Gina Small

I first met Denise at a class at Chester County Night School!! It was such an awesome class learning about my angels, their names and their signs!! How eye opening. I have continued to take many different classes , both at night school and at Denise's home and the homes of some of my classmates. I love being in the presence of all of my spiritual friends - there is nothing like that feeling!! I love the positive outlook that Denise has about every aspect of life!!

Regina Weinhardt

Denise has been a teacher and coach for me for several years and I credit her for leading me in the direction of discovering who I truly am — my authentic, eternal self — and living my life in alignment with it. She helped me to trust my intuition, and to feel empowered to make profound changes in my life that have resulted in greater happiness than I had ever dared to dream of.  

I am now working as a professional psychic thanks, in large part, to the encouragement she gave me to pursue my dream. Denise not only shares her divine insights and connection with the universe with clients and students, she teaches them how to achieve that level of awareness and connectedness for themselves. I continue to learn from Denise and refer my clients to her for life coaching and workshops, as well. Many, many thanks, and much love to you, Denise! ” 

– Laurie Blomer

Lauie Blomer

About the Author

Meet the mastermind behind Angel Whispers.

Denise Povernick

Denise is the CEO and co-founder of InnerStrength University and has numerous accolades under her belt.  

Hi! Welcome! My name is Denise Povernick and I'm here to help you tap into and unleash your infinite power and innate abilities that are dormant within you. You came here into this life with everything thing you need already present within you.  

I was born knowing (as were you) but this awareness became known to me at the age of 3 (earliest personal recollection) when I began to speak with Angels and Spirit Guides. At that time, I thought this was the norm for everyone. I could slip easily in and out of this physical reality into what I called the "void or nothingness and alternate timelines and realities" with ease. I tapped into enlightened awareness soaking up every juicy bit I could.  

I innately part of my journey was to disconnect from this bliss for awhile, so during my teenage and early adult years, I allowed my Ego to rule my life. I experienced the wildest roller coaster ride of my life. I am so forever grateful for this contrast. It is because these 2 extremes I have the enlightened presence, knowledge and experience to guide others to uncover this truth and peace within.

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